Break-in Phase

The packing chambers of PurePipes are coated in hemp carbon so that a patina can form more quickly and to protect the wood from burning through. Nevertheless, the pipe must be broken in!


We recommend for the first 10-15 bowls filling the packing chamber up to half at most. This enables a patina to gradually form in the packing chamber that will protect the wood from burning and guarantee a long shelf life.


During the break-in phase, the herbs will taste differently than they will after the pipe has been broken in. The longer you smoke the pipe, the more flavorful the smoke and taste experience will be.

The handling of the pipe is, for the most part, self-explanatory. However, there are a few things to keep in mind at the start.


Fill the herbs pinch-by-pinch into the packing chamber. The herbs should be loosely packed at the bottom of the chamber and more tightly towards the top. It shouldn’t be packed so tightly that you can’t draw without great resistance!



After cooling down, remaining ash should be removed and the pipe should be cleaned regularly with a pipe cleaner. This allows the wood to dry and the pipe to breathe.



Should the stem become too tight, you can apply unperfumed soap or a bit of graphite to the tenon. The tenon could become tight if stored in too damp a location or without periods of rest. Residue on the tenon or at the tenon connector can be removed carefully with fine sandpaper.


Resting Periods and Dry Phases

After finishing a pipe, you must allow it to cool down and dry before packing it again! If you want to smoke many bowls, we recommend picking up a second pipe! That way you can give your favorite pipe a day of rest – it’ll thank you for it.


Tips for Beginners

When smoking, you don’t need to directly inhale the vapor! After packing the pipe, light the herbs and draw on it for as long as it takes for enough smoke to fill your mouth. Now you can put the pipe aside and inhale the vapor! In this way the vapor becomes more mild and it is easier to dose the amount of vapor.