Wood Pipes for the real Herbalist, made in Germany

PurePipes are the ideal companion for experienced consumers and also perfectly suited to the non-smoker - or whoever wants to become one! Because you can do without tobacco consumption completely, PurePipes can be very helpful for weaning off nicotine! The filter system, which pleasantly cools down the smoke and filters toxic substances from the vapor, also makes PurePipes eminently suitable for the consumption of herbs.


By purchasing a PurePipe you are receiving a designer piece with outstanding taste and a classic look. Still, the pipes at PurePipes are primarily an object of utility and, as such, are intended to serve a certain purpose. For this reason, PurePipes offers customers a 2-year functional warranty on all pipes.


The PurePipe company philosophy is to manufacture our products as sustainably and environmentally-friendly as possible. This means doing our part against the throw-away mentality and building for longevity and durability. We achieve this goal with know-how, experience, and by processing the best materials.


Naturally, possible signs of wear and tear can develop with PurePipes, but these should in no way interfere with proper functioning. But if that should that be the case, then you can send your pipe back to PurePipes with a description of the defect! We will look for the cause of any present defects and remove these if possible. One condition: the damage was not caused by improper handling. Meaning: you observed the break-in phase, cleaned the pipe regularly, and adhered to the resting periods and dry phases. Also: avoid the use of storm (windproof) lighters!


If you clean and take good care of your PurePipe, then it is sure to become a loyal companion for years to come.

The PurePipe’s Promise