About PurePipes

PurePipes are handmade pipes from Thuringia (Germany). Thuringian places like Ruhla, Schweina, and Tabarz harken back to a 300-year-old pipe-making tradition and are known to pipe experts around the world.


PurePipes unite the classic art of handicraft with modern design and functionality. The design and functionality of PurePipes are fine-tuned to the needs of herb consumers. Both the drawing resistance and volume of the packing chamber have been designed for smoking herbs. We only use high-quality pipe woods, like olivewood and briar root wood, which, because of mineral deposits, are very hard and heat resistant. The heat resistance of the wood does not interfere with the flavor of the smoke, and the pipes have a longer lifespan. PurePipes are not varnished, simply washed and polished. This enables the wood to breathe better and does not affect the taste. If need be, the pipes can be washed and polished again.


At PurePipes, each pipe is handcrafted individually and may vary slightly in shape and wood grain. Because we at PurePipes place a high value on ecology and sustainability, wood is also processed with inclusions, provided that these don’t interfere with the look and function of the pipe. This spares not only nature, but your wallet as well.