Pro PurePipes

Exclusive and high quality


Can be used with or without a filter.


A highlight in both look and feel


Easy to handle and transport


Discrete and simple handling


Long lifespan (when used properly)


No waste of herbs and active substances


Full taste of flavor, without the danger of addiction (forgoing tobacco)


No smoking experience necessary (no tobacco, no papers, no tips, no need to roll complicated joints)


Use of a filter reduces toxic substances without losing active ingredients and makes the flavor of smoke even more pleasant!


PurePipes are handcrafted pipes from Erfurt, Germany. They unite the classic art of handicraft with modern design and functionality.


PurePipes are manufactured with great love and passion for wood and its uses.


We only use high-quality pipe woods, like olivewood and briar root wood, which, because of mineral deposits, are very hard and heat resistant.


Each pipe is unique and varies in grain and shape. This means you will receive a one-of-a-kind item!


Booth the drawing resistance and volume of the packing chamber have been designed specifically for smoking herbs.


The packing chamber is coated in hemp carbon. This enables a patina to form more quickly and protects the pipes from burning through.


PurePipes are not varnished, simply washed and polished. This enables the wood to breathe better and does not affect the taste.