Filter System

PurePipes are outfitted with a removable stem. A tenon is integrated into the stem, allowing you to attach it to the bowl and which can be fitted with a filter.


PurePipes can be used with or without a filter.


This allows you to remain flexible in case the filter is used up at some point or if you simply prefer unfiltered smoke.


The use of a filter reduces the amount of toxic substances by up to 70% without losing the active ingredients. PurePipes are therefore excellently suited for the medicinal consumption of herbs.

By doing without tobacco and using a filter you are protecting your health twice over!

Additional advantages: the flavor of the herbs maintains its full taste; the smoke is pleasantly cooled down and dry.


The diameter and length of the tenons are designed for standard pipe filters. The diameter varies between 6 and 9 mm depending on the model of pipe.


Another highlight is the included spacer. This allows you to use short activated carbon filters with a minimum length of 27 mm.